Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Favorite Place in my Favorite Country

Yes I'm sitting in Starbucks, here at home in Houston. And I'm loving every minute of it. I've been in the States for 2 weeks now and will be here for another week. I can't wait to move back home. Dubai is nice, I really like the sun and our house, but home is home, most of my friends are here and I just love being here.

I went to visit my friend Sandi in Atlanta. She had another little bundle of joy - Sean Patrick. He is a very cute and calm baby. I don't have my photos downloaded yet but when I do I'll post one. He was a very big baby - 10lbs! Shannon has grown exponentially since I saw her back in September. She's running now and on the verge of talking a blue streak. It was a lot of fun hanging out and playing with the kids.

I've also been visiting other friends, shopping and hanging out with Chrissy. AND I've been eyeballing houses here because Sammy and I are going to start looking at them in the summer to buy. I can't wait! We're going to rent it out until we come home but want to buy now because it's a buyers market.

I'm going back to Dubai on Monday and we have company coming on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to it!