Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ha ha ha! I wrote this then never posted it! I'm such a slacker! Facebook has really minimized my blogging. Anyway here is Santorini!

After we left Mykonos we went to Santorini which was a very lovely place. I really liked the town we stayed in which was Oia. Isn't it beautiful!

Oia, Greece
This was the view of the town across the street from our hotel. If you walked out to the point then went right there was a fort where people went to see the sunset. We watched the people watching the sunset from a restaurant...
Sunset in Oia
Sammy and I did take a walk out to the point we just never made it out there at sunset. There were a lot of people who did, just not us!

Me and Sammy hanging and walking around - taking photos - being tourists!

There were a lot of dogs in Oia - apparently they are communal and everyone feeds and takes care of them. It was really nice to see.