Sunday, June 15, 2008

Athens & Mykonos Greece

Sammy and I went to Greece in May - and we had a great time! We started off in Athens where we stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretangene

When we arrived the manager upgraded our room to a suite and it was VERY nice! We even had a butler.
Our room

We relaxed in the hotel's rooftop pool and celebrated our 6th anniversery with 50yr MacCallen Whiskey. Very nice. The next day we had a wander around Athens and visited the Partheon.
Me and Sammy in a park in Athens

The Parthenon was nice and they were doing restoration work, we went with some friends, Karen and Alex and had a look around. I guess you can tell by the lack of enthusiasm and photos on my part that I'm at a point now where one ruin pretty much looks like another. I guess travel can make you jaded. Sammy really enjoyed it though, but it was more because it was his second time there and he was looking forward to seeing it again thru an adult's eyes. The last time he was there was when he was about 10 years old.
Me, Karen, and Alex
After Athens we took a early morning (a 7am departure) ferry to Mykonos. Yes, I actually got up early on vacation!
Me waiting to get on the EARLY morning ferry!

I really like Mykonos and the hotel we stayed at, the Rhenia Bungalows was beautiful.

Our room was straight up the stairs and to the left.

Our room was small and we had 2 twin beds, but you couldn't beat the view and the breakfast was incredible. It was a full breakfast with excellent coffee, not a stale muffin and instant coffee. And yes, the Greek youghurt tastes better in Greece!

Wherever you go - a taste of home is just around the corner!

I highly reccommend staying there if you ever go to Mykonos. AND there is a Starbucks right up the road about a 10min drive away.
Mykonos Self Portrait
Mykonos was really nice there were flowers everywhere. The food was really good, especially the gyros. We did a bit of site seeing, stopped at a coffee cafe (which served mostly alcohol) they have windmills on the island, but they're not in use anymore.

Me and Sammy in the "Coffee Cafe"

View of the windmills from the cafe
After Mykonos we took the ferry to Santorini. I'll write more about Santorini in the next posting.