Saturday, April 21, 2007


For our last road trip in April we took Gabi for a car ride down to Canterbury. Gabrielle LOVES going for a car ride and travels very well. The car ride was about 2 hours and Gabi used that time wisely to rest up before we got there.

Gabi chillin' in the back seat

After we arrived in Canterbury (about 1pm), it was such a beautiful day we grabbed some take out, found a park, had a nice picnic and played ball with Gabi.

Gabi in action!

After we ate we walked through the town which was an interesting mix of old and new. We could also tell tourist season was upon us because you could barely move! Of course it may have just been all of the English people out and about enjoying one of the few sunny days we get in London.


This is the view on the way to the cathedral. When we got to the cathedral we couldn't go in, 1. because we had Gabi and 2. because it was Sunday and they were conducting Mass. But the grounds were really lovely.

Me, Sammy and Gabi in the cathedral grounds

On the way to Canterbury we saw a sign for Ramsgate and I had read a book or saw a movie, I couldn't remember which, that talked about Ramsgate and WWII. There was a similar boat movement from Ramsgate to the one in Dunkirk (we looked it up online). So we got into the car and drove over. But there wasn't anything in the town, no museum, plaques etc..., telling about the towns involvement in WWII, but it was a pretty little town.

Sammy on the coast at Ramsgate

After we arrived in Ramsgate we took a walk down the coast and we discovered that they have white cliffs like they do in Dover. Which by the way we've been meaning to go to but haven't got around to it yet. After our walk down the cliffs, we took Gabi down to the beach and we had so much fun! Sammy took a video with our camera and I love it! Of course I haven't figured out how or if I can load it on the blog site. But she was running and barking and having a grand old time!

I figured out how to upload video - this is one of my favorites of Gabi. She's having such a good time on the beach, she doesn't get to play in the water as much as she use to in Texas so it's fun to watch her splash about now.
And she slept all the way home!

And as you can see - Gabi had an excellent time on the trip, she slept all the way home.

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