Friday, November 2, 2007

Favorite Finds in Dubai

I'm still in Starbucks, sitting with Sammy who is working because one of his clients are going live today in the UK. Since we're still here I decided to list my favorite places to go so far in Dubai.

Hair: Hair Dreams

Hair Dreams
Rotana Towers
Sheikh Zayed Road
+9 71 4 3438828

When I Googled the salon I found another person who seems to like them as much as I do...

I had them cut and style my hair before I let them color it. I really liked the results and so this will be my salon until we move out of Dubai.

Nails: Can't remember the name...

Hair Dreams also has a nail tech - and she does a good job but I liked the nail salon in Arabian Ranches better, it's more convenient and they have a massage therapist to die for (she only does head and neck). However Sammy cannot go here because they serve women only.

I did find a nail salon which would serve Sammy and they have the spa chairs that we love. The only thing is that we have to call in advance so they can make sure no ladies (as they are called here) are scheduled to come in. Many of the Muslim women refuse to be in the same room as a man when they are getting their nails done. Which is why there are gentleman's salons here.

Waxing: Hair Dreams
Hair Dreams again. I do hate waxing though it's a pain!

Body Massage: Feet First
I haven't gone to any of the SPA's here yet, but I did go to a place in the Ibn Battuta Mall called Feet First. I had a back massage and reflexology on my feet. 90 minutes only cost $65 or £33 for those of you in London. It was the first time I had a Shiatsu Massage and it was one of the best I'd ever had. I was kind of startled though when the girl got on top of the massage table to press on my back. But I got over it quickly, the massage was like a combination of a chiropractic adjustment and a deep tissue massage. Highly recommend this type of massage for those who enjoy a deep tissue massage.


Emirates Mall - Best food and most interesting to walk
Ibn Battuta Mall - Best Internet connection and our Gym
Dubai Festival City Mall - This mall isn't finished yet but it's huge and has IKEA

There are many more malls that we haven't been to yet as well as some of the traditional Souks. I want to go to Sharjah the Emirate next door to Dubai because they are suppose to have a huge Souk where you can buy rugs, house hold items, fabric etc. But we're not going until after we move into our house.

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