Friday, January 15, 2010


On to Brussels - The train trip to Brussels was O.K. - but the lugging of the luggage was not.  No one would help us put it on and off the train.  And there isn't anywhere to put the fricken luggage one you get on the train.  Not well thought out.  Anyway...our hotel was attached to the train station which was great.

When we walked in the hotel lobby had a exhibition of tea/coffee cups.  I thought it was pretty neat.

The next day when we went sight seeing Shonda navigated.  Which was good because I am useless when it comes to following a map.

We liked this statue - Shonda said it reminder her of two best friends traveling.  Us.

The park had a lot of statues and features.  This was all before breakfast, which we generally didn't roll out of the hotel to have until about 11:30. The concierge was mortified at the times we took our meals.  I thought we took a picture in the breakfast place he recommended - but I can't find one so I guess not.

We took a day trip to Bruges.  It's a really nice town with canals and old architecture.  But of course my battery died when we arrived and I didn't have my spare.  The only photos I got were of the Cathedral we went to (we even attended a service which was really nice).

I think this is the church organ.  And I got a photo of a fountain in one of the squares.

I still can't believe how good this turned out.  I literally did a point and shoot and, if I do say so myself, it looks awesome.  I need to take some photography courses maybe I could get more like this if a actually knew what I was doing.

The next day the concierge gave us the name of this restaurant for lunch - again he was a bit disgusted with us because we were asking at the ungodly hour of 3:00.  Little did he know that not only was this lunch but it was breakfast too.

And as you can see from both my photo and...

Shonda's the atmosphere, food and drink were very good.  And of course the company was superb.

After eating we were walking around to see some of the sights when we came across this candy store.  They really like their peeing boy statue and replicate it everywhere.

Here is the real one and here is one in the Belgium beer bar we went to:

And here are the Italians in the beer bar that were chatting us up.

None of them spoke English fluently. One of them knew a bit of English and most of them could speak Spanish and some French.  So between our bad Spanish, their bad English and the bit of French we both knew we could communicate.  A little.

Breakfast the next morning - neither one of us was 100% after the wine, brandy, and beer the night before.  But boy did we have fun...

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