Friday, January 15, 2010


My friend Shonda came out from Houston to met me in Europe to help me celebrate a milestone birthday.  And while we were in Amsterdam a good friend of mine from London, Samara, came over to meet us.  Needless to say, we all had a blast.

Here are some photos of Amsterdam decorated for Christmas - I took these as Shonda and I were walking back to our hotel after dinner and drinks with Samara.

Walking around we saw a lot of interesting signs and statues but this door below was one of my favorites.

It took me a minute to figure out this was someone's front door - and once I did I had to shoot a photo.

The next day we went to see a heritage town, it was cute and it was the first time I'd seen windmills in Holland.

Then I saw this:

And it was so stereotypical Dutch that I couldn't believe it!  Windmills and bicycles.  I'm not sure it if was decor or if this was really someone's bike they just happened to park here - but I thought it was cute.

The three of us getting ready to leave the little town.

Me and Shonda after dinner and drinks one night.

Samara making us dinner at her place.

This was a really nice tea & dessert place... of course I had coffee!

That night we met Samara's boyfriend at a hole in the wall place in Amsterdam that served brandy.

They fill the glasses so high that only surface tension keeps the brandy in the glass and you have to take your first sip off the bar.

The bartender's name was Hans and he was a sweetie.  Needless to say we were feeling good by the end of the night.

After Amsterdam Shonda and I continued our trip onto Brussels.

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